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This is my first post on . It can be hard to know what to write in a first post. So I will keep it short. Explaining a bit about who I am, why I started the site, and what I aim to cover.

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Who Am I?

I am a 34 year old software developer from the UK. I have a wife, son and all the other usual trimmings. And that’s enough about me! If you really want to know more about me, check my other blog –

Why Did I Start This Site?

A few months ago (early 2017) a friend of mine in the States owed me a trivial amount of money (like $10). Instead of the hassle of sending it to me via a bank transfer, he told me to open an account on Coinbase. He would use that to send me Bitcoin worth $10. What the hell, why not? I thought.

The account on Coinbase was pretty easy to open. I had to verify it and stuff, but could do all that later. As soon as I had opened it, I gave him my Bitcoin address. And before I knew it I had 0.0005 (or something) Bitcoin worth like $10. Whoopie do, not that exciting really….

Fast forward a couple of months. One day I was messing about on my phone and opened the Coinbase app. I noticed that the $10 of Bitcoin was worth $15 now. That’s a 50% increa se in 2 months… not bad! Better that my normal investments anyway. I decided to buy a bit more….

I also noticed another currency on there. Ethereum. That sounds like a cool name, I’ll buy that too! Great investment strategy right there. Oh and its so much cheaper than Bitcoin, its only $50…!

And that was when it started. I started looking into Ethereum. I was both fascinated and hooked almost instantly. This wasn’t just a cryptocurrency. It was something so much more. A new technology where decentralized apps and smart contracts could be written on the blockchain. The possibilities seemed endless. It literally could change the world.

So I was excited by the technology and all the possibilities and potential. But it wasn’t just that. The price of Ethereum was growing. Fast. Everyday I checked my phone and my “investment” was worth more. I kept buying more. The price kept going up. In fact, that pattern has continued until this day pretty much… Long may it continue to do so!

And so I had the idea for . I had been running my own site ( for a few years. And enjoyed blogging and creating tutorials on there. But the content is about technical software testing which is a bit of a niche area.

Ethereum and cyptocurrency however… With all the potential the technology has. Not to mention all the potential money that could be made. I imagined there would be a far wider potential audience for that. And so, the site was born….

What I Plan to Cover

I had the idea for this site about a month ago. But I have been scratching around and procrastinating on setting it up. Telling myself that I needed to know more about Ethereum before I did so.

Then it dawned on me. Have a site where I could blog and produce content on Ethereum as I learnt it. Document my journey. Be honest about what I do and don’t understand. Help to fill in the blanks for myself and for anyone reading the site.

Ethereum is quite a scary rabbit hole to go down. Even for a relatively techy person like me, I still get confused quite easily. I want to use that initial confusion. And my many years of experience in explaining techy subjects to a non-technical audience. To bridge the gap for “normal” people that want to get into and learn a bit about Ethereum.

I will aim to produce content in the usual formats:

  • Blog posts
  • Vlog posts ( I wanted to try vlogging for a while!)
  • Tutorial videos

Covering the following areas:

  • Latest and upcoming Ethereum news
  • Investing in Ethereum
  • Tutorials on creating Dapps and Smart Contracts
  • Other stuff as I think of it!

I look forward to sharing my learnings with you 🙂

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