New Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Members Announced

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It’s been a tough few weeks in the Ethereum world, at least as far as the price of Ether goes. The price dropped from its all time high of over $400 to less than $150 in just a matter of weeks. The whole crypto market has been very bearish recently. This is perhaps in part due to the impending implementation of Segwit on Bitcoin, and the uncertainty that has created.

Today there was some very positive news in the Ethereum world though. There are some new EEA Members! Read the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announcement here..  there are some BIG players here!

  • Mastercard
  • Cisco
  • Scotia Bank
  • and the Indian Government!

As someone kindly pointed out to me on Reddit…. there are over 1.3 billion people in India, so this is really a big deal. To be fair, its only one state in India, but its still a pretty major coup.

Perhaps even bigger than that is having Mastercard on board, and the mind-blowing potential that brings….

As I am writing this, the price of Etherum has rocketed to over $230

Ethereum price rise to $230

With this news, coupled with Bitcoin hopefully making progress to resolving its scaling issues in the near future, lets hope we are headed for a new bull market…

I expect that the Mastercard PR team will conduct numerous press releases over the next 48 hours, so expect this to hit the mainstream media over the next few days. There is every chance that this will continue to cause the price to rise.

Welcome to the newest EEA Members!

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